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Silk Layering Tank with Antique Chantilly Lace by Bonnie Strauss

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This beautiful handmade tank is designed and handmade by modern designer Bonnie Strauss. It is embellished with 100% genuine antique French Chantilly lace on the hem. This lovely light tank pairs wonderfully under any of the other tops in this collection. The lace so beautifully pokes out underneath, while the lightweight silk adds a nice amount of coverage. There is some light yellowing/staining to the silk fabric from where the dye of a matching top must have rubbed off on display.

Size: Small

Condition: As noted above, this top was on display underneath a matching lace top. Some of the die has left a slight yellowing stain to the fabric. Since this will be layered underneath other tops, you won't really see the yellowing stain. Still a very beautiful top and the lace shows no wear whatsoever.