Rare Victorian Gold Fill Swivel Cameo Brooch

$ 88.00


Gorgeous gold filled Victorian cameo swivel brooch with built in locket. Brooches were beautifully made during the Victorian era, usually hand crafted of gold, diamonds, or engravings. This lovely and original cameo brooch dates from the late 1800s to early 1900s and features one very unique detail: the front of the locket can be swiveled back and forth showing either the back photo or the front cameo.

Such a cool design and function in this beautiful old brooch. Either keep your loved one close to your heart displaying the cameo, or display your loved one's photo on your jacket.

Size: Circle has a diameter of 1"

Condition: Outer cameo is in excellent condition, glass frame on other side has one crack. The original glass could be removed or replaced if desired.