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Rare Antique 18K Gold Gutta Percha Victorian Mourning Hoop Earrings

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Rare antique 18K Gold wrapped Gutta Percha Victorian hoop earrings. These rare earrings are quite unusual in that they are made in the shape of a hoop. Gutta percha is a type of tree sap that has a dark yet semi-sheer resin-like quality. It was a material frequently used in Victorian mourning jewelry. Victorians were very interested in dedicating their dress to the loss of loved ones, and I am sure these rare earrings have a story all of their own.

Very modern, these elegant 18K Gold hoop earrings are completely hand-crafted. From the beautiful hand hammered ear lock, to the hand wrapped gutta percha - these earrings are delicate and so wearable. 

Date: 1860-1880

Size: Each earring measures 1.5" wide

Condition: Excellent. Earring hooks in working order.