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Rare 1960s Waffle Knit White Shift Dress- Size L

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Vintage 1960s

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Vintage 1960s classic shift dress made of a very unusual and quite rare stretch waffle cotton knit fabric. The fabric feels and looks very modern, almost like it was made with today's technological advancements in fabric production. Waffle knits are woven on a loom, and are therefore much more durable than many chemically produced fibres. The waffle weave also allows air to flow through, so that it dries quickly making it the perfect vacation summer dress. The raised flower motif is intricately woven through- making for a truly one of a kind textile.

If you're a lover of textiles and love the feeling of soft and thick cotton against your skin- you will LOVE this dress!

Size: Large

Fabric/Care: 100% Cotton. Waffle knit weave. Machine Washable.

Label: Margaret Smith

Garment's Measurements:
Bust: 36"-37"
Waist: 36"
Hips: Up to 41"
Length: 38"

Model's Measurements:
6 Ft Tall
34" Bust
26" Waist
33.5" Hips

Condition: Mint condition. Clean, no signs of damage or wear whatsoever.