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Incredible Antique 1890s-1910s Edwardian Battenberg Lace Top

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This beautiful and one-of-a-kind top is made from the most incredible antique handmade Battenberg lace I have ever laid my eyes on. From the late Victorian/ early Edwardian era (1890s-1910s), this exquisite top was cut and sewn from original antique linens by the talented modern designer Bonnie Strauss. Just as beautiful as an original work of art, the details in this top are fascinating. Cotton tape lace, entirely hand done, forms a lovely starbust pattern at the neckline and gorgeous leaves at the hem. Click on the images to view close-ups of these stunning details.

Round grape-like embroidered rings tie together the different sections of lace, while intricate stitches resembling mesh form the veins and branches of the leaves. Quite possibly the most stunning detail of this top is that it's shape is completely symmetrical on all sides; an item with this much attention to detail only proves how much talent and skill went into making this by hand. Purchase this top and you are guaranteed to get lost in its beauty.

Era of lace: 1890s-1910s.
Developed in the late 1800s and named after Queen Victoria's son-in-law.

Size: Best fits a Small or Medium, but can expand to fit larger size. Mannequin pictured here is a size 6 (34" bust)

Bust: 32-36"
Hips/Waist: Free
Shoulder to Shoulder: 13.5"
Strap Length: 15"
Length: 26"

Fabric: 100% antique cotton lace

Condition: Excellent and very wearable vintage condition. There may be a few minor breaks in the lace but I see no obvious or structural problems.