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Colorful Embroidered Antique 1890s Chinese Silk Shawl with Hand Knotting

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Classic turn of the century antique Chinese Silk Embroidered Shawl. Lovely hand-embroidered florals featuring red and pink roses, blue chrysanthemums, yellow daisies, and other colorful pastel flowers. Leaves embroidered in green, purple and lavender are sprinkled throughout. In truly immaculate condition, this silk is very sturdy and the fringe and hand-knotted details are some of the best I've seen. Since the hand of the silk has a soft and slippery sheen, another plus of this shawl is that the fringe doesn't get tangled like most other shawls. Perfect to wear during Flamenco dancing or for a wrap over a cotton wedding dress. You could also place it on display on a couch. 

Size: Medium Sized Shawl

Era: Dates to the turn of the century. 1890-1900

Provenance: embroidered in China and most likely imported to Spain.

Condition: Excellent vintage condition. Some small snags in silk. Some light water damage staining. Some pencil markings where you could see where the original person did the hand embroidery. No odor - clean, soft, ready to wear.