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Antique Trinity Plate 1910s Silk Dance Purse with Jewels

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Authentic Edwardian period silk dance purse with sparkling blue rhinestones. One of the prettiest dance purses I've seen in a long time. Made by TRINITY PLATE, marked on the inside and in mint condition. In business from 1915 through the 1930's, this purse dates from the teens to early 20's when they were known for their manufacturing of high quality gilt brass dance purses, purse frames, compacts and vanity items. 3 gorgeous and original antique inlaid blue sapphire-like rhinestones are inlaid in the filigree closure. Still very wearable, this Victorian purse will accompany a wedding dress or romantic dressy look perfectly.

Era: 1890s-1901

Materials: Oxidized silver, silk brocade, brass, and rhinestones

Condition: Good antique condition. The bag opens and closes just perfectly, and the chain is very sturdy. Everything on this bag (the jewels, chain, mirror, silk lining, frame, outer casing and tassel) are all original. This item is 100 years old so it does show some signs of wear (including a tear on the lining). I personally think the way that this purse has worn actually adds to its beauty. Please see photos for accurate visualization of condition.