The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

-Coretta Scott King 

It’s a beautiful day in Berkeley and I can’t even begin to express how lucky I am to live here and study at Cal as an undergrad. My name is Maggie, I am a Junior at Cal studying American Studies with an emphasis in Food, Consumerism, and Sustainability and I am the Social Media Content Consultant, Editor, and Producer at The Vintage Net.

Nice to meet you and welcome to The Vintage Net’s new blog!

The Vintage Net is tucked away in a quaint local area just below the Claremont Hotel and Resort. This small shopping center, a local spot, is the perfect weekday or weekend destination for all you need. Great pastries at Fournee Bakery, Fantastic brunch at Rick and Ann’s, and Rare Vintage Clothing with a Modern Twist at the Vintage Net- what else could anyone want?

Jenn, the owner of the Shop and the kindest soul you will ever meet, carefully curates Vintage Classics in accordance with Modern Basics in order to mold, in my opinion, your one stop shop to never following in the footsteps of those in the mainstream. The bright colors, neutrals, funky patterns and lacey delicate pieces are all part of her vintage collection you will not find anywhere else. Combining those rare vintage pieces with basics such as a classic white tee, high waisted jeans, fitted overalls, and my favorite, CLOGS, the shop welcomes you with confidence that you will find something that fits your style perfectly.

I was drawn back into the Vintage Net after buying my first pair of clogs a few months back because of Jenn and the atmosphere she cultivates through her kind hearted nature and spunky personality. The shop is beautiful and the clothes you won’t find anywhere else, but what makes places and memories even more vivid in your life are the people involved and the impact they leave on you once you are not in their presence, just as Jenn did with me.

I encourage everyone to practice kindness and gratitude throughout their day and everyday to follow. It is the people in our lives that make living so special and it is the kind and giving people who shape the community in which we live.

Following each blog post, whether it be fashion, lifestyle, or vintage inspo, I would like to highlight an action or attribute, that can positively be brought into the world by all by making it the title of the blog post. This post is dedicated to GRATITUDE.  Just as I highlighted Jenn, I believe it is very important to recognize the positive people and forces in our lives. I am grateful for Jenn because she has offered me a way to express myself through a creative outlet by working with a local business. It is important to let these special people know how much their community cares about them. Healthy and happy living is the best kind of living as it turns out ;)

I am so excited to continue blogging and chatting with you guys about upcoming events, style tips, lifestyle, vintage inspo, and so many other topics coming your way!

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June 06, 2018 by Alee Kwong